We offer a free consulation with a
qualified engineer for all services.

TuneTown Studios Services:
-Project Analysis
-Backing Tracks
-Equipment Rentals and Repairs
-Album Art and Promotional Design
-Mix Fix
-Analog to Digital Transfers
Today’s musicians are witnessing the emergence of a new world
 of making music. Costs of recording have decreased significantly, 
making access to a studio more affordable than ever before. The
large capital, which until now, only record labels could provide, is no
longer needed to enter a studio and make a record. Now, the task 
of making a great recording is in the hands of the musician. As an
 artist, you are no longer dependent on signing to a label to ensure
 the fruition of your artistic vision. There have never been more 
opportunities for you to make the music you want to make, the
 way you want to make it. For you, freedom is the new currency.

 In this new world, your choices will determine the realization of 
your potential. With this newfound control, come new questions
 for the artist: How can you get the highest quality recordings for 
your budget? How can you create a competitive and professional 
sounding record? How can you ensure the technical planning and 
work efficiency to maximize your time in the studio?

Enter TuneTown Recording. We help recording artists make 
music the way they want to make it, allowing easy navigation 
through your newfound musical and artistic independence. 
TuneTown recognizes that every artist and band is unique and 
comes from an equally unique situation, which merits different 
recording demands. Whether you are just starting out in the music 
industry or are a seasoned professional, TuneTown customizes its 
services to meet your personal recording needs. We ensure your 
music is captured appropriately, professionally, and economically, 
in a flexible and customizable working mode. Call 207 641 8863 
for a free consultation with one of our well qualified engineers.
932 Sanford Road Wells, Maine 04090 (207) 641-8863
Music Lessons, Instrument Sales, Repairs & Rentals,  
Recording Studio, Performance Stage and MORE!

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