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EW Piccolo Acoustic

With smaller scale instruments continuing to increase in popularity, Ibanez is satisfying players’ demands with the EWP13DBO, a 1/3-size, steel string Piccolo acoustic guitar. From the on-the-go businessperson who needs a guitar that can fit in a plane’s overhead compartment, to the happy wanderer just looking to animate his or her sojourn with a song, the compact travel guitar can be an uplifting addition to any expedition.

Similar in scale to a baritone ukulele (17”), the EWP13DBO sports an EW-style cutaway body. The top, back and sides are made of ovangkol, a wood found in Western Africa and known for its beautiful figuring and purpleheart-like tone. An open pore natural finish allows the body to resonate more freely for improved tone and projection. Other features include an abalone rosette, purpleheart fretboard, bridge and chrome die-cast tuners.

To optimize string tension, intonation, and tone, the EWP13DBO is tuned in the key of A (A, D, G, C, E, A), up a fourth from standard tuning.